Chargify SDK for PHP Documentation

Chargify SDK for PHP is a PHP package that makes it easy to interact with the Chargify API. It has been used in production for years on your flagship product, Chargely, a hosted billing portal for Chargify.

  • Abstracts away underlying HTTP requests to the Chargify API
  • Supports Chargify API v1 and Chargify Direct (v2)
  • Well documented
  • Unit tested
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Crucial\Service\Chargify;

$chargify = new Chargify([
    'hostname'   => '',
    'api_key'    => '{{API_KEY}}',
    'shared_key' => '{{SHARED_KEY}}'

// Crucial\Service\Chargify\Customer
$customer = $chargify->customer()
    // set customer properties
    // send the create request

// check for errors
if ($customer->isError()) {
    // array of errors loaded during the transfer
    $errors = $customer->getErrors();
 } else {
    // the transfer was successful
    $customerId = $customer['id']; // Chargify customer ID
    $firstName  = $customer['first_name'];
    $lastName   = $customer['last_name'];
    $email      = $customer['email'];